Magda Pierre Advanced Cardiac Life Support
“Teaching professionals lifesaving skills through practical and stress-free application!”

Magda Pierre 


I’ve been an RN for 20 years, most of my experience is in ICU and PACU. I graduated from Stony Brook University with  a BSN in 2003. Since then I’ve gained experience as a Radiology Clinical Nurse with a concentration in CTA -Cardiology and running codes during emergencies. As an ICU nurse, I was often deployed to emergencies on other units, this is where I developed my passion for saving lives and teaching my colleagues as well. I obtained all 3 certifications (BLS, ACLS and PALS) in 2019 from American Heart Association through Learn CPR  and have been teaching ever since.

Magda Pierre Advanced Cardiac Life Support LLC

“Teaching professionals lifesaving skills through practical and stress-free application!”

We use American Heart Association’s highest standards to teach healthcare professionals the art and science of saving lives. Courses include certifications in BLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support) 

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Private classes, group classes, corporate pricing. 

Healthcare Professionals (CNA, Technologists, RN’s, LPN’s, NP’s, PA’s, Anesthesiologists, MD’s, etc )

Non-medical persons, new moms, caretakers, etc

Convenient- many options available (virtual or in person)

Up-to-date mannequins equipped with AHA recommended feedback devices

Classes are quick, dynamic and educational


“I enjoy teaching and simplifying complex concepts!”

Magda Pierre

We are supporting to help families around the world get access to safe water and sanitation

Meet Edita’s work around the world includes removing the financial barriers that separate women like Edita from access to safe water. She seems unassuming; however upon conversation with Edita one will discover the quiet confidence that drove her to bring her family to a place where they could access both good schools and running water. 

Edita and her husband started their family in a small village deep in the Andes Mountains. Together with their children, they lived a difficult life. Each day held the need for long walks for water and laborious domestic chores. There were no nearby schools. Edita believed that somewhere, somehow, a better life awaited her family.

With hope and determination, Edita and her husband moved their family to Concepcion Village. Comprised of mostly indigenous Incan people, who largely speak the ancient language of Q’eqchi’, the family felt right at home speaking their native language, among their people. Of even greater benefit – the community offered schools and running water. So close to achieving what they wanted for their new life, next was to find a way to establish a water connection in their home. They didn’t have to look far. 

Through's partner organization near Concepcion Village, Edita took out a small loan to install a household water connection. Before long Edita turned the knob on her very own tap. And within a few short months, she and her husband repaid their loan with money earned from farm work available to them in Concepcion. 

It was with hope and determination Edita moved her family to a better home, and it is with access to safe water she is more empowered than ever to change their world. 

We support to help empower women like Edita to change their own world.


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